Welcome to the MSEC

Welcome to the MSEC

The Multiscale Science & Engineering Center (MSEC) was established in January 2011 to create a collaborative environment of faculty to develop and transition Multiscale technologies to industry and government. Columbia University is among the first universities to recognize that a systematic multiscale theory combined with intensive technology transfer effort would propel the Institute's initiatives in biotechnology, nanotechnology, energy and microelectronics etc.

MSEC Industries
The ability for government, a company or industry to adapt to technological advances is imperative to remain competitive in tomorrow's world.  These are some of the industries where advancements are already taking place:

Columbia faculty are working closely with the Automotive Composites Consortium to develop multiscale modeling and simulation tools that would efficiently predict dynamic crush response of composite structures for use in automotive body design.

One crucial aspect of turbulence that makes it such a challenge is its multi-scale character involving, high Reynolds numbers, coupled dynamics covering many orders of magnitude of length and time-scales.

Biomedical field has made advancements in many areas from brain tissue analysis to blood flow to impact of cancer radiation as well as research on diabetes.

Computer Science

MSEC faculty members work in collaboration with several DoD Agencies and National Labs towards the solution of fundamental scientific problems that are critical to the national security.

We expect that multiscale science and engineering will play a pivotal role in solving many of the most challenging problems in this field- from novel multiscale catalyst-electrode architectures for next generation solar cells, fuel cells and batteries to novel multiscale materials for hydrogen production and storage.

At Columbia we are making progress on these and more challenges that contribute to energy and environmental sustainability.

The development of new materials is largely an experimental endeavor based on accumulated experience and knowledge. This trial-and-error-type approach which has dominated the field for centuries is expensive and relatively slow.


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